Tall Personal Shopping: Tall Shirts for Wide Shoulders and Small Chest

Tall Personal Shopping Request
“I’m 5’10 and small-busted but with broad shoulders. I am generally happy buying my work pants online at Ann Taylor and The Gap, which both carry small talls. My problem is the long-sleeve blouse styles available — AT and ATLoft don’t offer Tall blouses, and The Gap’s are limited to button-ups and other unflattering-to-me styles. I would like a feminine, long-sleeve alternative to button-up shirts, such as light sweaters, wrap blouses, etc. I’d really love to find something that would fit both my shoulders and my bust, but I’m willing to tailor down the body if the size that fits my shoulders is too large in the torso. (For perspective, I recently bought a suit with a 6T jacket and 2T pants, then had the jacket taken in.)” – Courtney


You’ve really given me a challenge to mull over. Women’s long sleeve shirts in “tall sizes” are rare and you’re correct in that most of them are button-up styles. I’ve found a few choices for you, but you may have to compromise on some of the sleeve lengths. Long sleeve tall shirts are so rare, and the last few months I have been doing my research as I’m actually contemplating designing some women’s tall shirts. I would love every one’s feed back on this, as it would be a huge undertaking. What do you think, do we need more “tall” shirts? If so, what styles would you love?

Any way, back to your question. V-neck shirts will be universally flattering on anyone. They can help your broad shoulders appear narrower. As you probably already know, any details around the breast area can help disguise small breasts.

eShakti custom made wrap top – customized with your measurements. You can even have the sleeves made in any length you desire including long sleeves. 2 colors
Long Tall Sally Knitted Wrap 2 colors
Banana Republic Blake Wrap Blouse
Banana Republic Blake Wrap Blouse 3 colors
Banana Republic Leopard Tie-Neck Blouse 2 colors
Tall Couture – Long Sleeve Blouse
I hope this helps. If anyone else has come across some tall shirts that would work for Courtney, please leave a comment below.
My tall personal shopping service is a free service! If you need help, be sure and submit all required info via email.


  1. Thanks so much, Krista! I'm going to check out that Tall Couture top. I don't mind buttons in this drapey fabric. I'd love if you designed tall blouses! I, of course, think there's a need.

    I appreciate you pointing to eShakti. I've been looking at their stuff and hadn't found much I liked even though I really want to like them. I'll check them out more.

    Thanks again.

  2. Yes, yes, yes … we need more options for tall sized tops! I'm very long waisted so torso length is as much an issue for me as sleeve length.

    Thanks for this excellent blog!!

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