Where to Shop If You are an Extra Tall Woman

Lately, I’ve gotten a few emails from extra tall women looking for clothing that will actually fit. I’m talking about women 6’4″ or taller. I understand that you find shopping especially hard and frustrating. But rather focusing on the negatives, let’s just move on to the solutions.

1. Although it can be pricey, custom made clothing items are your best solution. Indicustom and QVC both offer custom made jeans up to a 40″ inseam length and custom made capris in the length you desire. eShakti sells a large selection of affordable custom made clothing including tops, dresses, skirts, coats, blazers and pants up to size 26. You supply them your measurements, but can also supply them with extra measurements for added torso length, wider armholes, etc. Put this info in the comments section on your order form. Shirt Creations sells women’s custom made long sleeve shirts with sleeves up to 36″ long. Moi-Meme sells custom made suits and shirts for tall women up to size 14.

2. Ready made clothing for extra tall women– here are some stores that sell ready made clothes you may enjoy. Women’s tall stores will definitely work best including:

  • Long Tall Sally – tall women’s store with inseams up to 38″ long.
  • Long Elegant Legs – tall women’s store.
  • Height Goddess Jeans – inseams up to 40″ long.
  • PZI Jeans – sells jeans with inseams up to 38″ long.
  • Tall Couture – women’s tall store.
  • Long Legs – Canadian tall women’s store.

3. Other solutions –when shopping in traditional stores:

  • Look for tunic shirts to get the longest styles.
  • The Hip-T is a band of fabric that you can wear under your shirt. It covers your middle and may allow you to wear normal shirts over the top of the band, as the band peeks out under. It makes you look like you are wearing a layering shirt. (See right.) Available up to size 3X.
  • Purchase dresses that are meant to be short on regular women and turn them into your shirt. Wear with jeans or leggings. Even add a belt or sash for an in style look!
  • 3/4 length shirts never go out of style and there’s plenty to choose from.

If you need extra help or other ideas on how to dress if you’re an extra tall women, feel free to email me. I will continue to add tips on this blog. Please share your tips and places you shop in the comments below.

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