Tall Sweater Dresses

You’ve got to pick up a tall sweater dress this season. They are so easy to wear. Slip them on and wear with bare legs, with tights or with a pair of knee high boots. Or, wear over leggings for more coverage. You’ll be able to wear it now through Spring. Here are a few of my favorite tall sweater dresses.

Athleta’s tall sweater dress ST-XLT (2 colors)

Old Navy’s Argyle V-Neck Tall Sweater Dresses in sizes ST-2XLT (4 colors)

Spiegel’s sweater dress is not a tall size, but is long enough to be. XS-XL (4 colors). This is not a great look with leggings, but looks better worn with a belt across the middle.


  1. dating diva says:

    I love sweater dresses! On me they tend to look more like mini-dresses though. I'll have to check these out.


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